Aviation in Malta

Last updated: February 19, 2018
Latest significant aircraft...
19/02/18?GLF5@LMML, to dept..
19/02/18SX-DIPAT72(Astra Airlines)(CHTR) a/d
18/02/18CS-GLBGLEX(Nejtets) Dept 19/2
17/02/18OM-GTDB734(Go2Sky)(CHTR) a/d
16/02/189H-SKMGLF4(Sky Prime Aviation Services) @LMML, to dept..
16/02/18PR-ZFUE190(Embraer) Demo ACFT. a/d
16/02/18SX-DIPAT72(Astra Airlines)(CHTR) a/d
15/02/18UR-CNNAN12(Cavok Air) Dept 16/2
14/02/18TC-GNCF2THDept 15/2
14/02/18D-ALOAE35L(Air Hamburg Private Jets) a/d
14/02/18UR-CNTAN12(Ukraine Air Alliance) Dept 15/2
14/02/18OM-GEXB738(AirExplore) opf Small Planet Germany (CHTR). a/d
14/02/18OM-GTDB734(Go2Sky) opf Small Planet Germany (CHTR). Dept 15/2
13/02/18UR-CKMAN12(Cavok Air) Dept 14/2
13/02/189H-BOOCRJ2(Air X) Dept 17/2
02/02/18P4-CLAB762(Comlux Aruba) @LMML, to dept..
Latest aircraft at Malta IAP for maintenance...
19/02/18OE-IZSA320(easyJet Europe) @SRTM
18/02/18G-EZAVA319(easyJet) @SRTM
16/02/18D-AXGDA332(Eurowings) @LTM
15/02/18G-EZATA319(easyJet) @LTM
12/02/18G-EZAUA319(easyJet) @SRTM
05/02/18D-AIRLA321(Lufthansa) @ LTM
05/02/183B-NBMA332(Air Mauritius) @LTM
02/02/18D-AIHTA346(Lufthansa) @LTM
01/02/183B-NBFA319(Air Mauritius) @LTM
01/02/18G-EZIKA319(easyJet) @SRTM
31/01/183B-NBIA343(Air Mauritius) @LTM
26/01/18D-AIGNA343(Lufthansa) @LTM
20/01/185Y-SMJDH8D(748 Air Services) @Medavia
19/01/185B-DCRA320(Cobalt Air) LTM. Dept 19/2
18/01/18OO-SFWA333(Brussels Airlines) @LTM
22/12/17N620ARC212(EP Aviation) @Medavia
Aircraft "stored" at Malta IAP...
5A-UABGL5Timpounded by Maltese law court's decision
5A-UACGL5Timpounded by Maltese law court's decision
5N-MJIB737(Arik Air) @LTM (engineless)
5N-MJQB737(Arik Air) @LTM (one engine)
5Y-QUEDH8D(DAC Aviation Int'l) @Medavia
9G-SBERJ1H(Starbow) ACM (repaint all white), @Medavia
D-AXGCA332(Eurowings) @LTM
EC-HGZA320(Vueling Airlines) ACM (repaint in 'Allegiant Air' cs); @SRTM. Test flt 24/1
EI-DFOA319(ex Windjet) @LTM (engineless)
LZ-CMCA320(Jetstar Pacific, ntu) ACM (repaint in 'Tianjan Airlines' cs), @SRTM
LZ-CMBA320(Jetstar Pacific, ntu) ACM (repaint in 'Tianjan Airlines' cs), @SRTM
N604ARC212(EP Aviation) @Medavia
N634ARDH8A(EP Aviation) @Medavia
N635ARDH8A(EP Aviation) @Medavia
VP-BOSDH8D(Yakutia Airlines) @Medavia
VP-BKDDH8D(Yakutia Airlines) @Medavia
VP-BZEFA7Xdamaged @MLA 27/12/17; @MCM Malta
noneC212(ex T.12B-53 Spanish AF) @Medavia (engineless)
^ subject to confirmation
* ICAO Aircraft Type Designator
ACMAviation Cosmetics Malta
LTMLufthansa Technik Malta
SRTMSR Technics Malta
a/darrival/departure (same day)
AFair force
AOGaircraft on ground / technical
CHTRcharter flight (pax)
cscolour scheme / livery
delvdelivery flight
FRYferry flight
ntunot taken up
civil registration or military serial
SKEDschedule flight (pax)
TRNGbase training (approaches/touch & goes)
National Civil Aircraft Register ..latest changes
9H-AGL4065DH8D(new) Arma Leasing Ltd., Ireland (ex 5Y-QUE)
9H-CES24352/1705B734(new) Aerotron Ireland Ltd., Ireland (ex EC-LAV)
9H-OKG14500986E35L(new) Jet Aviation Flight Services Malta Ltd. (ex OK-GGG)
9H-VGA8077CRJ2(new) Hyperion Aviation Ltd. (ex OY-VGA)
9H-FMJ20700590C207(upd) FIH Facilities Invest Holding GmbH, Germany
9H-ALI28668/2890B733(new) ADF ABL Aviation 28668 Ltd.. British Virgin Island (ex PZ-TCN)
9H-AGM3604A319(new) Ceska Ietecka servisni a.s., Czech Rep. (ex D-ABGM)
9H-AGN3865A319(new) Ceska Ietecka servisni a.s., Czech Rep. (ex D-ABGS)
9H-BEC63F2TH(upd) Sunshine Aviation Ltd.
9H-LZM6073GLF6(upd) TAG Aviation Malta Ltd.
9H-BOG4106GLF4(new) Emperor Aviation Ltd. (ex 4L-GAF)
9H-GGG40119/4620B737(upd) Jet Aviation Flight Services Malta Ltd.
9H-LBI28669/2897B733(new) AFD ABL Aviation 28669 Ltd., British Virgin Island (ex PZ-TCO)
9H-ZRH525A-0340C25A(cnx) rrg D-IFIS
newnew addition
updupdate of registered owner
cnxcancellation from national register
Current List of Air Operator's Certificate (AOC) Holders
MT-15LWGLuxwing Ltd.
MT-16HYPHyperion Aviation Ltd.
MT-17VJTVistaJet Ltd.
MT-18KFESkyfirst Ltd.
MT-20VCJAvcon Jet Malta Ltd.
MT-22JMKJetMagic Ltd.
MT-23AXYAir X Charter Ltd.
MT-24HFMHi Fly Ltd.
MT-27ULCAlbinati Aviation Ltd.
MT-28EAUElit'Avia Malta Ltd.
MT-29BSGBlue Square Aviation Group Malta Ltd.
MT-30EMMEmperor Aviation Ltd.
MT-31PTAPontair Ltd.
MT-32HATAir Horizont Ltd.
MT-33TEUTAG Aviation (Malta) Ltd.
MT-36KERKermas Aviation Ltd.
MT-38SQPAS Ailes dba Harmony Jets
MT-39RJRAIR CM Global Ltd.
MT-40TYJTJS (Malta) Ltd.
MT-41GMDGulf Med Aviation Services Ltd.
MT-42PJMPrivate Jet Company Malta Ltd.
MT-43MGFTRTO Agency Ltd.
MT-48CXICorendon Airlines Europe
MT-49JMLJet Aviation Flight Services (Malta) Ltd.
MT-52DCWDC Aviation Ltd.